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(L.T. 11:18 am – H.T. 17:29 pm – coef. 77)

1 p.m. Welcome” IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE “Village”, Uribitarte.
Presentation of the weekend.
Presentation of the competitors to the journalists – Photo shoot, interviews, actions with the competitors, expo opening SUP&Surf Brands,…

1.30 pm to 6 pm. Confirmation of Registration for ELITE / AMATEUR / JUNIOR / CHILDREN CATEGORIES

Welcome bag + official lycra.
+ Board Pick up
Competitors must have registered on the website before Thursday at 00:00. 

3 pm “Wellcome Bwaters Fun Race”.
Single-brand race. Wet dock area.
A walk through the “Viillage” area with Pro Riders.
Vips + Clinis Special BOP
Official photoshoot with Riders and brands.

6 pm Closing of the registration office

7.30 pm
 Official Opening Ceremony in TORRE IBERDROLA
Meeting with ELITE riders and Authorities.

(L.T. 11:52 am – H.T. 18:02 pm – coef 77)

9.00 am to 11.00 am IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE "Village", Uribitarte. Registration Confirmation for ELITE / PRO / AMATEUR / JUNIOR / CHILDREN CATEGORY

Collection Wellcome bag + oficial LICRE + Collection of boards in large storage tent.

Competitors must have registered on the website before Thursday at 00:00. (On Saturday, only the confirmation of registrations can be made. Anyone who wants to run without previous registration on the web will receive a popular number without numbering, and will not appear in results timing)

11 am "TXIKI RACE". (We have "Red Paddle" boards available) 

1 pm General Briefing Long Distance “COMPETITORS ELITE / JUNIORS / AMATEUR"

1.30 pm "TXIKI RACE" prizes

2 pm to 3:30 pm Lunch time at IBWSC Village.

4 pm COMPETITORS ELITE / PRO / AMATEUR / JUNIORS boards in the water. Start: Guggenheim Museum.  

4:30 pm Long Distance race starts

8:30 pm IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE "Village", Uribitarte. Official Festival «IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE - Bwaters Music Festival.

(L.T. 11:14 pm – H.T. 17:35 pm – coef 100)

10:00 h BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE “Village”, Uribitarte.

11.00 h Red Paddle Junior Sprint
Races of a maximum of 6 riders and all with the same 10'6 Red Paddle inflatable boards provided by the organization 

 Red Paddle Dragon Racing
Races of 6 "Red Paddle" boards (maximum) of 22´that provided by the organization. There are 4 participants in each. Elite and Amateur will be mixed

13.00 h  Sprint Amateur

14.00 h
Official Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.